Managed Services

PC Burbs, Inc. offers Managed Services to be proactive against any computer failure. You can choose from On-site or System Management Services or both to fit your company’s needs. Companies cannot have a potential risk of losing any data or production days in this economy.  Sign up with Managed Services and put yourself at the front of the line for emergencies!

All managed service plans can be customized to your company!  Call us if one of these plans doesn’t fit your needs!!

System Management Services

Rely on your systems knowing you have 24/7/365 monitoring of all viruses, updates, etc. and know your company will run seamlessly. We will have secure remote access for your network and system management, to ensure efficient correction of any problem you might encounter.   

Save money and have your network and your systems monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

    Managed Services 

We have many plans to choose from.  If you don’t see one to fit your company’s needs, we will create a custom plan for your companyManaged Service plans can fit every company’s needs.  It’s an added security that your systems will be up and running at every start of the business day.

Our Silver Level, for only $20/month/user, users have access to unlimited phone support, remote assistance, anti-virus administration, Windows update patching, and monthly reports if requested.

Our Gold Level, $50/month/user, will include up to 4 on site hours per month as required by customers with 5 – 10 workstations, and also includes the Silver Level Service for unlimited phone support, remote assistance, anti-virus administration, Windows update patching, and monthly reports if requested.


Server Managed Services

We also provide Server Managed Services.  This is necessary to make sure your Server is running to it’s fullest, without over extending the core of your systems.  If you have an onsite server, we highly recommend protecting it.  With our Server Managed Services, we can be proactive with what your server needs without  unexpected downtime in the office.

Our Silver Server Plan, $100/month/server includes Unlimited phone support, unlimited remote assistance, server monitoring, anti-virus administration, Windows update patching, hard drive space monitoring, print server management, user account administration, file security administration, monthly server health report.

Our Gold Server Plan, $200/month/server includes the Silver Plan, along with after hours support.

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